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Release Notes

POINTR Release 2.3

The POINTR releases of Autumn-Winter 2021/2022 continue with the the most advanced collaboration features such as on-screen live remote guidance and support of powerful create, share, organize, report workflows. The workflow manager allows to quickly pre-configure the application for the most frequently used workflows such as making a POINTR call, creating images and videos offline, and generating field notes reports. The portrait mode has been added for a convenient hand-held use. One of the new critical field-grade features is 8x zooming and image quality profiles that leverage the powerful optics and image processing of modern smartphones and wearable device. When making a POINTR call, a URL link is copied to the clipboard, which you can use to invite other people to POINTR.

In the previous release, the call manager was reworked to allow adding more participants into the group call and managing them more flexibly. The address book was simplified and restructured. Field reports can be exported to PDF, and on mobile platforms shared natively with other apps. POINTR support PAC proxy autoconfiguration, and in those situations when you need to set it manually, it can be done through POINTR settings. There was a significant rework of the sound pipeline for better speech quality across several languages. Finally, Google Glass and Vuzix compatibility was improved. Read more on POINTR generation 2.x.

New features:

  • Workflow Manager UI
  • Camera Zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
  • Camera Quality Profiles: Low, Standard, Medium, High
  • Portrait mode for UI
  • On-screen live remote collaboration on Win&Mac
  • Ability to hide UI e.g. when using on-screen live remote collaboration
  • Sticky annotations in on-screen collaboration mode within the screen space
  • Field Reports export to PDF and also natively shared on mobile platforms
  • Proxy Manager added to Advanced Network Settings
  • Call Participant Manager: add, remove, swap users in the group call
  • Group call capacity increased by 40% for Enterprise subscribers


  • Wider frequency range support for high-definition audio quality
  • Voice command navigation for Field Notes
  • Invite links for call invitations
  • Intuitive country code selector
  • Seamless switching offline-online during the live call
  • Drawing accuracy for annotations and AR annotations with 3D rotations
  • Simplified address book, powerful contact search and visualization
  • USB camera management on Android
  • Robust memory management for stability on smart-glasses
  • Managing screen orientation on Google Glass
  • Safe Performance Mode for video streaming on wearable devices

POINTR for Windows
64-bit, compatible with Windows 7 and above

Download for Windows 64-bit version did not start?
Download Windows 64-bit version manually

Do you need old Windows 32-bit version?
Download Windows 32-bit version manually

Unable to install due to limited IT Admin rights?
Download Extract-To-Desktop version manually

POINTR for macOS
64-bit, compatible with MacOS 10.15 and above

Unzip and copy to desktop. If your Mac blocks launching POINTR, right click and select “Open”


Download POINTR for Android devices with no access to Play Store

SHA-256 fingerprints

SHA-2 fingerprint is a cryptographic algorithm to make sure the file is genuine and its content has not been altered. It is a very important element of cybersecurity. We provide SHA-2 fingerprints for all POINTR installers, which you can verify from the command line on your computer:

Windows: certUtil -hashfile SHA256

Mac: shasum -a 256
pointr.apk (mobile and wearables):
pointr.apk (RealWear):