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Anmerkungen zum Release

POINTR Release 2.1

The POINTR release for Summer 2021 continues with the the most advanced collaboration features such as off-line mode and localizations. Augmented Reality 3D sticky annotations and AirDraw mode are finally available to everyone with this release. Languages for the POINTR interface increase to 15. This makes POINTR collaboration easier across borders. Read more on POINTR generation 2.x.

New features:

  • Augmented Reality 3D sticky annotations (iOS & Android)
  • Supported devices: Android (Google website)
  • Supported devices: iOS (Apple website at the end of page)
  • AirDraw floating annotations for factory walk-through use-cases
  • 3D Notes with spatial annotations when captured on AR call
  • Exporting entire Notebook or a single Note as a field report
  • Custom export folder selection for Media Exports
  • Camera selection directly from View menu
  • Video capture supported on mobile devices (VLC app to playback on Android)
  • Flashlight supported on smart phones & smart glasses e.g. HMT1


  • Tooltips can be freely enlarged e.g. for HMT1 smart glasses
  • Hindi & Arabic (beta), now 15 supported languages
  • Smart-glass interaction with annotations e.g. for Vuzix M400
  • Start offline mode quickly with Play button
  • MacOS CRM integration for “Call on POINTR”
  • Group call: performance and global capacity
  • Country code usability for registration and calls by phone number



POINTR für Windows
64-Bit, kompatibel mit Windows 7 und neuer

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POINTR für macOS
64-Bit, kompatibel mit Mac MacOS 10.11 und neuer

Wenn Ihr Mac den Start von POINTR blockiert:

  1. “Pointr … is from unidentified source”
  2. Right-click on icon and select Open
  3. “Pointr … is from unidentified source”
  4. Select Open


Download von POINTR für Android-Geräte, die keinen Zugriff auf den Play Store haben