Delta Cygni Labs -The Creator of POINTR

Delta Cygni Labs (founded in 2013, Finland) is the creator of the industrial remote collaboration solution POINTR. The background of Delta Cygni labs is in space technology development for the ESA, to solve the problem of remote collaboration on the International Space Station.
The company aims to solve technical, human-to-human communication problems for industry, by applying scientific results and fundamental concepts of Cybernetics, Human-Machine-Systems and Augmented Reality.

Find out more: www.deltacygnilabs.com

POINTR – Space Technology Down to Earth

POINTR remote collaboration solution’s story starts in 2008 at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The European Space Agency ESA approached the research centre with a problem: how to collaborate on technical problems with the astronauts – possibly the best trained professionals on earth on the International Space Station. Sending an expert on site was not an option due to extreme costs.

Out of this challenge came POINTR, the solution to enable collaboration between the astronauts in space and the technical specialists on earth. Similar problems were discovered in the industrial sector down on the earth and the new solution approved by the ESA started to attract interest.

This encouraged the transformation of what had previously been a hardware product, into a software solution to enable easy mobility and scalability to solve on-earth problems, without losing the security and reliability qualities.

Now POINTR is the leading solution for remote collaboration on critical missions.

Vision, Mission, Values


Our vision is to ensure business continuity by liberating tacit knowledge within businesses. Enabling access to tacit knowledge regardless of time and place, gives an opportunity to drastically decrease travelling, shorten stand-stills, improve work safety, and improve levels of service dramatically.

In short, to ensure business continuity.


Our mission is to connect the best of human qualities – the capability to learn, process and transmit tacit knowledge – with the best of the machine – the capability to connect people across the world.

Combining the best of these two, allows experts to save time travelling and to use it to share their knowledge and expertise with people already on site.


We base our work to our three core values: Security, reliability, and scalability.

Security, as we see it, covers data security and reliability of the software out in the field. We understand, that by ensuring the security of the collaboration data and the features of the solution itself, we not only ensure corporate safety, but also the personal safety of all employees involved. Security is sacrosanct.

The professionals that work for our customers, face the most challenging and security critical environments, where reliable tools and data security are vital.

For us, scalability means easy deployment for enterprises of any size anywhere on the globe. It also means allowing our customers have immediate access to the professional know-how they require, regardless of when and where it is needed.