Partner News:
DCL & RealMax

AR glasses provider RealMax and Delta Cygni Labs, the creator of POINTR remote collaboration solution, join forces.

The industry-level smart glasses provider RealMax and Delta Cygni Labs, POINTR remote collaboration solution creator, are joining forces to provide seamless hands-free remote collaboration for industry clients. The partnership will complement RealMax’s AR hardware with the field-ready POINTR remote collaboration software. This partnership also ensures ongoing development of the POINTR software on the RealMax AR hardware to serve the users with an up-to-date solution.

“A co-operation with Delta Cygni Labs, a pioneer in addressing the needs of industrial workers, opens up new opportunities for both companies. Combining the leading Remote Mentoring software and HMT-1, AR device originally designed for industrial environments, we are able to offer unique solution and business value to our customer base. We are very happy to get the opportunity to work with Delta Cygni Labs and provide a leading solution to various demanding industrial environments”, says Matti Vappula, Chief Operating Officer, Partner of RealMax.

RealMax’s AR glasses, the HMT-1, is a groundbreaking device designed especially for industry users. It allows technicians to work hands- and wire-free when needing instructions remotely. The HMT-1 is fully hands-free, because unlike other devices in the market, it uses voice commands. This enables continuous working while collaborating via AR glasses.

The POINTR software complements the features of the device, enabling secure, reliable and scalable solution for remote collaboration. In a recent study by TUT (Tampere University of Technology, 2018) it was found that AR remote collaboration is significantly more efficient, clearer and safer than still most commonly used remote collaboration by phone. Pointr is a cross-platform and Cross-device solution, but creates a great combo with the RealMax hardware to transform guiding and collaborating in industrial work.